Bronze Statue, Size: 24 × 40 × 9 cm

My idea of this myth is not violent, but lyrical. Europa is shiny, elegant, refined, while the bull is coarse, strong. She is desperate, but she is also the future. This is my vision of Europe and also of the two principles - male and female - presented together. A melancholic female is contrasted with the crude male principle in the universal story of escape, transformation, and growth.

This breathtaking Bronze Statue can be bought here!

Ivan Minekov

Ivan Minekov is a leading Bulgarian contemporary sculptor and one of the few artists in the world whose work has been launched into space. Minekov's statues are owned by private collectors throughout Europe, USA, Israel and Japan. He is included in the Bulgarian Encyclopaedia of Fine Arts and the Council of Europe's Art Catalogue of 2009. Ivan Minekov's works can be purchased online on

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